Martinique, the flower island

Martinique, called the flower island, is an invitation to dream. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful islands in the world with its beautiful beaches (white and black sand), its volcano, the Pelée mountain, culminating at 1397m, with its luxurious flora. It is a major tropical island, a good place to live all year round. Every nook of this island has its very own atmosphere. The North Athlantic road will take you to the volcano and tells the story of how catholic monks built the town up to Saint-Pierre and its ruins. The South Caribbean road will take you to the island’s rural part and to the heart of the island’s culture (Bèlè, basketry, distillery, sugar refineries). Fort-de-France, its cathedral, its fort, Savana square, is a mix between colonization history and modernity. If you want to just lie on white sandy beaches, you’ll need to go to the south of the island. Between relaxation, history, cuisine and culture, you won’t soon forget this trip!